Frequently Asked Questions


Where will I get my protein?

How do I know I am getting enough protein?  I thought only meat provides protein?

How will a Plant Based Diet help Diabetes 2?

A Plant Based Diet is optimal for diabetes 2 and help manage diabetes 1, too?

Can a Plant Based Diet impact with MS?

There are positive outcomes with MS symptoms when eating a Plant Based Diet?

Will a Plant Based Diet help with Arthritis?

Nutrition will help lessen joint pain and also helps with rheumatoid arthritis?

How will high blood pressure respond to a Plant Based Diet?

Significant changes can be expected in your blood pressure once on a Plant Based Diet.  Lifestyle changes will lower your blood pressure and fortunately this occurs rather quickly for many people.

How can this help with Cancer?

Physicians recommend a Plant Based Diet for their Cancer patients.  Food truly is medicine that can help restore health.